With the Control Hub you always have your barrier systems in view

The cloud-based smart control of barrier systems offers authorization management and statistical evaluation and is available as a web-based application or mobile app.

For example, the system can be used to record the number of entrances or vehicles in an area and to evaluate traffic flow statistics. The information will be displayed as a cumulative representation. Sorted by the respective means of access such as tokens, automatic vehicle recognition or license plate recognition. The dashboard also shows the current status of a barrier system in an overview map.

This allows you to see whether the system is open, closed, whether there is an online connection or whether there is a fault. The main menu of the Control Hub also shows the essential functions clearly. In the event of a malfunction, manual access to the systems remotely is also possible via the Control Hub. Thanks to customer-specific parameterization, it also enables time control of the barrier systems and the granting of permanent or temporary entry permits for individual vehicles. Individual access and authorization management enables use in municipal facilities as well as the access management on factory premises.

BarrierSystems_ControlHub Image: The Control Hub interface on desktop and smartphone

The Control Hub is:

User centered The user-friendly interface enables complex scenarios such as permissions, group and time control, zone management

User friendly The Look&Feel of the user interface corresponds to the user experience of a modern web interface in terms of its user-friendliness

Multimodal Access is possible via mobile app or online application

Interactive Statistical evaluation including CSV/PDF export is possible in the dashboard

Data protection compliant The entire architecture (hardware and software) offers GDPR compliance

Made in Germany German manufacturer with in-house development and know-how

and offers:

Access permissions
  • Personalized
  • Timed
  • Individual systems
  • Groups of systems
as well as statistical evaluation