With the Smart Kit you can modernize your barrier system via plug & play

The retrofit kit for controlling standard barrier systems such as barriers or retractable bollards as a cost-effective introduction to a digital access solution.

The Smart Kit is a cost-effective, easy-to-install installation solution for existing control cabinets or steles. Due to its small size, only 13cm x 18cm x 11cm (LxWxH), it is suitable for almost any housing. With its digital potential-free inputs and outputs, it also guarantees manufacturer independence. Quick and easy installation and configuration takes place within one day. In contrast to a solution via cloud control, the data is stored directly on the SmartKit and is constantly synchronized when connected, which enables completely self-sufficient control. Thanks to its automatic error detection with self-reporting and automatic monitoring, it works almost self-sufficiently and requires little maintenance.

The AI-based smart recognition of license plates and vehicle classes is also carried out independently via the AI ​​module in the SmartKit.

Sensors such as RFID tokens, RFID long-range readers, license plate recognition, PIN entry, key switches, GSM module telephone numbers, QR code readers, handheld radio transmitters or AI-based vehicle recognition are currently supported. It is possible to connect additional sensors, as well as expandability of the sensor system (multi-sensor system) and easily add additional interfaces. The Smart Kit is CE certified.

BarrierSystemsSmartKit Image: Smart Kit as an installation solution for control columns in barrier systems

The Smart Kit is:

Manufacturer independent The complete system (software and hardware) can be connected to any manufacturer

Across locations The combination of locally independent barrier systems is possible worldwide

Remotely maintainable Administration and error analysis is possible completely remotely in remote mode

Self-sufficient The barrier system also works without an online connection

AI-based Identification via vehicle typing

Can be retrofitted cheaply Existing systems can be retrofitted quickly and cheaply

and offers:

Retrofit kit for electronic barrier systems
  • Video sensors
  • License plate recognition
  • AI-based vehicle detection
  • QR code reader
  • Wireless
  • RFID tokens
  • RFID long range reader
  • GSM phone number
  • Keyboard
  • Pin entry
  • Key switch
  • Audio and expandability (multi-sensor technology)
  • other sensors with closing contact
as well as Connection of additional sensors possible