smart security and smart access management for your company premises

BarrierSystems is a smart access management system for securing parking spaces, factory premises and facilities worthy of protection, which regulates access for customers, partners and employees via the cloud-based ControlHub. Thanks to the individual configuration option, authorized vehicles such as company vehicles can be granted access automatically via license plate and logo recognition in an expanded expansion stage using artificial intelligence.

smart vehicle detection

Via token, card reader or license plate recognition
the system recognizes authorized vehicles

Image: Schematic representation of the right of passage
Free travel for customers, partners and employees: BarrierSystems control barrier systems depending on the situation and regulate complex access routes at the individual authorization and vehicle class level.

Smart Control

The barrier system can be controlled remotely via the cloud-based ControlHub

With the ControlHub you always have an overview of your access to the company premises. The main menu of the ControlHub clearly shows the user the essential functions and enables easy operation.

Temporary and permanent access authorizations can be granted in just a few steps and simple accounting and transparency about entering vehicles can be made possible remotely. This information is displayed as a cumulative representation, sorted by the respective means of access such as tokens or automatic vehicle or license plate recognition.

The dashboard also shows the current status of a barrier system in an overview map. This allows you to see whether the system is open, closed, whether there is an online connection or whether there is a fault. In the event of a malfunction, manual access to the systems remotely is also possible via the ControlHub. The system-specific parameterization can also be used to control the time of the barrier systems in order to additionally secure areas that require protection, for example over the weekend, on public holidays or when the factory gate is unoccupied.

BarrierSystems_ControlHub Image: Control Hub interface on desktop and smartphone

Case study

Modern perimeter protection at Wilo: smart access control for factory premises and employee parking spaces

In order to protect the company premises from unauthorized access, the German pump manufacturer Wilo uses the smart access management system BarrierSystems at its factory gates. The system grants employees, visitors or partners access to the factory premises or to protected areas.

Description of the situation

The factory premises have two entrances and exits, which are already secured with a gate system. A special feature of the factory premises, however, is the passage of a public bus that passes the factory entrance several times a day. This is still necessary because a public road used to run here and the detour around the factory premises takes too long. This means that previously unauthorized vehicles also had access to the factory premises, which made it impossible to control access. Another problem was unauthorized parking on weekends by visitors to the nearby sports stadium. In this respect, there was no overview of which and how many vehicles were on the site.
New access management to the factory premises

A controlled access route to the factory premises is now enabled via BarrierSystems' access management system, along with access to the external employee parking lot. Wilo has thus created permanent access authorization for its employees as well as temporary and individual authorizations for visitors and suppliers. In addition, artificial intelligence and multi-sensor technology enable automated vehicle detection, which ensures access for emergency services such as police, emergency services and fire engines.
Central administration of the system

The system is administered centrally via the cloud-based control software ControlHub. This allows the access situation at the factory gates to be identified and authorizations to be granted. The ControlHub is also used to balance the vehicles on the factory premises. In addition, for example, the recorded data on entrances and exits or the access routes per authorization category are clearly visualized in the ControlHub and made available for evaluations. In addition, it is planned to implement smart traffic management on the factory premises based on the recorded license plates.